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Create Cyber Freedom - A Do It Yourself Guide

From the basics to the established professional, working on a shoestring or zero budget
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Step 3 - Earn an Income!

This is the best part...making money...real money to spend on or offline.  As you will find, some of these money making ventures will come free however a couple may need a small investment to get you going (there is a solution for this one too, keep reading).  As they become more successful you can then increase your investment to increase your profit too.  As with all things, sometimes it is best not to rush in and get burnt instead feel the water and if you are comfortable JUMP IN! Make a splash and use your Traffic Generation system to the MAX!  Most of the traffic systems in step 2 will allow you to have at least 10 web sites, so use the 10 to get a full system in place, that is a traffic building system and a profit making system - it's a two fold wonder machine now :)

The first income generation system I'll start with is a simple yet effective way to earn money that you can spend online to increase your traffic at the same time and it's as simple as the click to surf programs in step 2.  By using 'Paid to Click' (PTC) systems everyday you will earn e-gold by surfing sponsor pages.  Once you have earned enough e-gold you can spend it at any e-gold merchant.  Personally I spend this e-gold at Webmasterquest to purchase either banners, credits or hotlinks.  What you do with yours, is up to you! It's a simple re-investment system actually.  At first it looks like you only earn cents yet very quickly it adds up and by re-investing it you in effect get free 'paid' advertising.  What are you waiting for? Click now to earn Gold today!  Golden Profit in seconds. membership is free!  Use your previously learned marketing tips and get many referrals and earn gold by their surfing too!

The next way to earn some income is a pretty novel way and a great thing to tell your friends about.  You can actually now become a Lunar Land Agent, that's right - A real estate agent selling the moon!  Sure we can't get there yet, however most nights you can see it in the sky and it is something you can pass onto your children and great grandchildren for when we do actually get there.  There are over 1.1 million land holders in about 186 countries now, I personally own 2 parcels of land and have done so for many years now.  It makes a great story to tell at parties and if people don't believe you, you can a) show them your title deed b) send them to your Planetary Investments web site - your web site selling Lunar Land, with land for sale on Mars coming soon.  It is all government approved and has been established since 1980.

Design and Sell Merchandise Online for Free

If you have a web site that needs some real products to sell like caps, shirts, coffee mugs, clocks, calendars and much more - than this is a site for you!  Cafepress looks after all the hosting, processing of payments and sending you profits - nothing can be more simple.  Maybe you are a bit of a graphic design wiz and you want to sell your designs?  Maybe your an author and need a book published?  Or maybe your a musician and want to release that debut CD?  Cafepress is still for you!
A fantastic way to get real profits rolling in - nothing could be more simple!  It takes only a few minutes to run through the free membership signup process and a few more minutes before your store is live online!  Get your message seen and heard world wide today.
The concept is simple - An item costs to produce say $5.00 you mark it up to whatever you want to sell it for, say $8.00 you make $3.00 profit on every item you sell.  The more you sell each month the lower the cost price reduces!  Everyone has an idea for a cap or shirt so what are you waiting for? Join Cafepress Today! I now have three stores, how many can you manage?
Ok, now for something a little different, everyone needs a break away.  Holidays are an essential part of life yet paying full price is not!  A great and simple way of discount holidays is too book at the last minute and get a quality hotel room, in just about any country at a fraction of the price - I've seen $200 dollar a night rooms go for $18 dollars per night - no need to buy meals there or go to 'information nights' all you need do is book online, check in and relax... can't leave your work at home? Then book into a nice room and have your meetings there - it's a great way to impress your clients.  When you join the free membership you will also earn commission if you have friends that join and book too.  So cheap holidays and profit at the same time.  Word of mouth is becoming...has always been...big business...use that power to your advantage.  Rates to Go is the only way to go!

Last minute hotel reservation.

Alternate E-Currencies online you may want to join, if you haven't already - All have affiliate programs incorporated. 

I accept payment through PayPal!, the #1 online payment service!



Step 4 - Educate yourself!

Your now at the stage where if you have followed these basic guidelines in steps 1 - 3 you should now be able to take a little time to watch your traffic increase and in doing so start to make a profit using one or more programs in step 3.  While this process is happening take some time now to become more educated in the field of internet e-marketing.  Of course this site would not be complete without some free opportunities to educate yourself as well as some more 'advanced' education systems, these I'm sorry don't come free.  As I mentioned above as you make some money online it is good to reinvest some of this money to ensure you can make more money, remember this is not a 'get rich quick' project - just a 'get rich' project - if your successful at what you do it becomes a 'get rich 4 life' project :)

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