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In July of 2009, Freedom4Life.com Productions upgraded to a Higher Definition and quality of videos with the y year contract purchase of an Apple iPhone 3Gs (32Gb). These are the movies that have been created by FarmerChristian of mySpace.com/FreedomRocksTV featuring Rocky the Wonder Dog woking together with our Carbon Offset Supporters to conserve and protect Plant and Animal Kingdoms that the human speices require to exist. You can also watch LIVE video from Global Warming Ground Zero | ODCC TV.

JumpCut Closed

As another door opens an older door/room closes, such is our experience since we began creating made for internet movies late in 1990's. For many years, finding the right format online prevented many of these movies being published until jumpCut came alone, which allowed each video to be uploaded and editted online with simple easy to use tools. Movies are created mainly using a Motorola A920 or Nokia 3320 mobile phone handsets. We are now in HD. See these JumpCut movie titles here.


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JULY 2009

  1. iPhone Video One
  2. img_0004.mov
  3. img_0023.mov
  4. img_0045.mov
  5. img_0047.mov
  6. img_0060.mov
  7. img_0063.mov
  8. img_0064.mov
  9. img_0065.mov
  10. img_0066.mov
  11. img_0067.mov
  12. img_0072.mov
  13. img_0074.mov
  14. img_0075.mov
  15. img_0076.mov
  16. img_0081.mov
  17. img_0082.mov
  18. img_0086.mov
  19. img_0087.mov
  20. img_0088.mov
  21. img_0097.mov
  22. img_0108.mov
  23. img_0116.mov
  24. img_0117.mov
  25. img_0118.mov
  26. img_0119.mov
  27. img_0120.mov
  28. img_0134.mov

August 2009

  1. Forestry Drive, Fraser Coast Queensland

Spotlight Movies

iPhone Video Movie One.

In July of 2009 Freedom4Life.com Productions went Higher Definition with the contract purchase of an Apple iPhone 3Gs 32GB. Enjoy this first Behind the Scenes (BTS) look into our world and life.

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Blog News


Apple iPhone Dispatched.

Our new Apple iPhone has been dispacthed from the warehouse of 3 and will arrive overnight. In just a few days, our first iPhone video is recorded.


This video index is Launched.

August 11th of 2009 celebrates the launch of this movie title page of our iPhone created movies. With over 3 hours of video already recorded, wacth this space of growth and highlights

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Established Freedom4Life.com with christian.i.am online in 2001 creating thousands of minutes of web video highlighting life experiences, web construction stories and carbon offset projects. Past Present and Future. Watch Here