Freedom Rocks Camping Adventures XI

March (b) 2004

Location: Antarctic Beech, Border Ranges National Park - Northern New South Wales, AUSTRALIA

Overview: Another quick trip to the Border Ranges NP staying at a new spot that was only decided apon arrival.  It was a very cold and misty experience with most of the time being clouded in - Most photos in date order.

Length: This Camping Adventure lasted 3 days and 2 nights.


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Border Ranges Nationl Park

World Heritage Listed

Day 1

Fireplace Ready!

Fireplace Go!

Ok, fireplace just starting

Setting Up Tent

Cleaning up tent from last camping trip...lots of sand... everywhere!

View from just near camp

More like close to the toilet (Dunny)

Fireplace close up

Ready for Cooking!

I actually cooked!

Still cooking, an early dinner

Christian's Gourmet Hotdogs!

Yum. One down - One to go... they taste as good as they look!

Day 2

oops, who made a mess last night? And more this morning? It was me - Candle wax last night, milk this morning - so no crying!

More of last nights mess

At least the tent area is clean!

Jeep storage area

The dunny is over there!

And for the first time camping, this one really felt like an Aussie Dunny. Very clean though, the ranger comes around daily.

Tea is ready!

A camping mate

Paul, using all of his physcokenetic energy to start the fire again.

Pinnacle Lookout

Amazing cloud formations have been around since we arrived, it was amazing to see it rushing up the side of the mountain and over the top.

Trees I guess

The first part of the walk is through subtropical rainforest. Closer to the escarpment edhe you burst out of the rainforest into a stand of New England blackbutt.

More Pinnacle Lookout

The track finishes at a lookout platform perched at the edge of the escarpment. From here you have spectacular views of Mount Warning and the Tweed Valley 1000m below.

Anyone got a brush?

I left my cap at base camp - ah well, we are camping after all.

Paul and I

At Pinnacle Lookout, sometimes we could see from the lookout, other times the cloud restricted viewing to less than 50 meters.

Path back to the Road

Only about 200 meters

With bridge

This is one of the best locations in Australia to watch the dawn. The silhoutte of Mount Warning against the rising sun should not be missed (we missed it...oops) Save for next time.

Aussie Flora

This short walk is one of the highlights of the park. No other walk in the region offers such a dramatic encounter with the Mount Warning crater.

Welcome into the rainforest

Mt Warning hiding

This is from another lookout - To be another camping adventure.

Future Overnight Location

With these views

I'll want to stay more

than just 2 nights.... clouds have moved away from Mount Warning. We'll be camping Mount Warning in early May on FRCA XIII

Crossing a bridge

On the raod to the campsite. This is just near a day picnic area with a bush walk track to camp of via road.

Back at Campsite

Fire still warm

This is 'offically' a day picnic area only - but if you put tent up at sunset and down at sunrise - who would know? I tried to hide it with my Jeep (It work for the Senior Park Ranger who never even saw it)

Let the cloud roll in

By mid afternoon the cloud had started to role in again, and rain drops from the trees but not on me :)


What more can I say, at the feet of 2000 year old Antarctic Beech trees is the moss covered log. So close to humans yet so protected. Maybe I should just keep this all secret?

Who lives here?

Maybe Shima? This is the root system of these 2000 year old trees.

Entrance to secret log

and secret house of Shima...

LARGER version of Shimas House

From tree tops



Down... but hey - whats that!

It a wood supply and it looks like not much ever gets used

There's the dunny!

Over the road from camp was the entrance to the mossy log and access to the Dunny too! (Not in the same place) Dunny Left - Mossy Log Right

View from Camp


Where are you hiding? Look carefully!

Foggy Cloud

Here more of that Cloud - Most of the time was actually like this even though the photos don't show it...I saved photos for when the cloud lifted.

Who's Cold?

This kept us warm

And this

Future Camping Spot

Actually the lookout there.

Close up!

Thats better

Tweed Valley

More Valley

Pay on Exit

If you miss paying on arrival - make sure you pay on exit!

Misty road home

Who forgot their Belt?

Lucky for tent rope!

Border Ranges Park Map

Remember if you go, leave only footsteps when you leave!