Freedom Rocks Camping Adventures X

March (a) 2004

Location: Border Ranges and Bunjalong NPs - Northern New South Wales, AUSTRALIA

Overview: A last minute camping trip to investigate the damage to these National Parks after some severe weather passed through the region in the past week.  From high mountain tops to the crashing waves of the ocean this trip had it all.  Trees over roads, flooded creeks and thick misty roads.

Length: This Camping Adventure lasted 3 days and 2 nights.


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Cloudy arrival

I arrived late in the afternoon on Friday and reached the Pinnacle Walk to discover that the road is closed past this point. Forest Tops Camping is not available today.

A Night in the Clouds

With the road closed a last minute decision was required, moment by moment day by day, anything can and does happen. Freedom Rocks Camping Adventure 10 has began.

Destination 1

Backing tracking a few kilometers is a day use area for picnics and BBQs. With the cloud so thick, not many picnic'ers were out and about.

Dry Fireplace

With shelter and a dry fireplace, we settle here for the night.

Fireplace Ready

The woods all set, the billy is out - now where are those firelighters?

A watched billy

Doesn't always boil

Add some flames

Two firelighters is all I have, lets make fire!

Add some paper...

Warm the wood

More like dry out some wood, with such low and dense cloud, there was no dry wood to be found.

Falcorostrum Loop

This walk winds its way through one of the largest stands of Antarctic beech in the park. Falcorostrum orchids can be seen clinging to the trunk and branches of these ancient trees, the only place they are found.

Falcorostrum Loop - Starts Here!

Watch for the endemic Albert's Lyrebird which can, with a bit of patience, be seen scratching in the leaf litter amongst the Antartic beech trees. Their display songs are renowned and are wonderful mix of mimicry and their own calls. Early mornings and overcast winters days are the best times to hear or see these birds

Techno Tree

Ok, you got me there, its a counting device to record visitors who start the Loop walk, I guess hopefully the numbers balance at the end of the day with people finishing too.

Fire Backup

oops, the fire didn't last - too wet - not enough firelighters! Thanks to Dad and with billy from Brother Ben, the waters heating up via gas for a nice warm cup of tea. Just what you need in cloud like this.

Gas Flame

Fire in a can.

Tea Cup

Ever seen a tea cup like this one?

Flask of Tea

In the darkness and cold of the night, nothing warms and lights up the night like a warm cup of tea or four!

Saturday Morning

After a chilly night, morning is glorious!


Late last night, about 930 I setup tent. Turns out to be very sunny in the morning in the spot.

No Fire Here

Knowing I am in a day trip area and I wouldn't be using the fire, it's ok to set tent this close fo a fireplace. With all this wet wood, what chance would I have?

Tent Gone

As quick as I setup, it's gone already - Remember - Always only leave footsteps behind.

Up the trees!

Here lil birdie!

Peace in the Forest

Picnic in the Forest

Appears it's been along time since a picnic was had at this table. Why spoil nature?

Untouched Masterpiece

It's an amazing privlige to be able to enjoy raw nature up close.

Antarctic Beech Tree

Did someone say these trees are over 2000 years old?

They are everywhere! Lets hope in the year 3004 they will be still around for another generation (or 10) to enjoy!

Shot 2

Moving up a branch from the previous photo and onto the next.

Shot 3

On the left we continue up!

Shot 4

All the way to the top of the canopy.

Shot 5

Off to the heavens!

This series of photos will soon(oneday) be merged into an interactive shot.

Stroll around the forest floor

Arrival/Exit point to this fantastic tree

Tree Base

Speaking of this awesome tree, here's the base!

Forest Surrounds

New Camping Spot

I departed about lunch time and arrived at Black Rocks late in the afternoon. From high mountain top to sandy beach. I really do live in an amazing country!


Did someone say Revolution, by remote contol?? Are they talking about Mars or Earth??

Black Rocks

Where graphity is a natural process excellerated by Man

A Black Rocks Cave

Looking SW

From the top of a dune at Black Rocks loooking South West, right as it's time to head home.

Thank-you for allowing me to share this Camping Adventure with you.