Freedom Rocks Camping Adventures VIII

January 2004

Location: Black Rocks, Bunjalong National Park - Northern New South Wales, AUSTRALIA

We set off midday Friday for a Northern Rivers Scenic drive on our way to Black Rocks Camping Area located Far North Coast in New South Wales, Australia.  With a 16 km dirt road into the campsite we spent 3 days, 2 nights under the stars, in the sunshine and even enjoyed a little sprinkle of rain.  It was an awesome spot to stay and will be featured again in a Freedom Rocks Camping Adventure later this year.

For now, enjoy the journey through some photos I was able to take along the way, mostly in date order.

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Checking the Weather

On the morning of any camping adventure I always like to check what to expect in the coming days - that's why I switch over to the weather channel - local weather, every 10 minutes. Good Time to eat breakfast too.

We arrive @ Bunjalong National Park

After a 2 hour scenic driver through the Northern Rivers we arrive at the national park entrance - 20 kms more untill camping area.

Here - this looks a good site!

After a large lap around the camp grounds we find a non-populated spot, right near the beach entrance for 4x4s

Looking South

After choosing a location I like to have a walk around and check out the sorrounds.

Looking North

Check out those three breakers - what an awesome spot! I'm pretty excited at this stage about the camp area and beach - The weather was fantastic on arrival.

I like this spot!

Now I have looked around it's time to set up camp. It's about 4 in the afternoon, it's still pretty hot and there's work to be done.

Map of Black Rocks camping area

Time to unload

Camp starts to take shape

Ground protector is down, tent location identified.

Finishing touches on Inner Shell

The race between sundown and establishing camp is on!

Just about done

Easy Coffee

Thanks to Brother Ben for the Billy and Father Linden for the gas stove. Both presents from my last birthday :) Perfect timing!




Just after dusk

This is the first time I have used my 3G A920 to get dusk shots, I am pleased with the results I am getting for such a small and compact device.

Day II

Looking South from top of dunes platform and stairs to beach

Looking North

Stairs to beach

Well - almost - bit of a jump at the bottom!



You'd think we were on Mars

Black Rock Wave

These blacks rocks are the reason the cam area got it's name they streech from the campsite for many kilometers north

Hello Deano!

This is Deano everyone - he came and kept me company on this adventure.

Left our mark

The black rocks are very 'sand stoneish' so engraving was quite easy - nature looks after the rest.

Yes - we were really there!

See - Dean and Chris was ere 2004

More from Mars?

Amazing structures


Time to 4 x 4

This was our first real 4 x 4 off road onto no road adventure. A 10kms section of the beach is open to 4x4s to drive between black rocks and shark bay (another larger campsite)

4 x 4 engaged!

We are at the other end of the beach!

Thanks Deano!

Thanks Deano for the encouragement to let some air out and get sandy!

Jeep handles supperbly off road

Rangers Passing

Ooops we drove 100m too far along the beach - time to move up a little! Protect the Enviroment! Hey! Rangerman! Your going the wrong way!!

My tracks

The Jeeps on the farside

This is the edge of Shark Bay

My Tread

My corner where I turned around

See, looks good hey


Yay! and hello again!

Lots of seaweed

Lots of seaweed this end of the beach

Shark Bay Camping Area

Is just behind and within the trees on the right handside

Shark Bay

Lots of Seaweed

Little Rock Pools

With living creatures

And birdlife

Time to head back along the beach

The other entrance

Jerusalem Creek

Got a canoe? Perfect spot for it!

Ants Feeding at Night

Night II - Ants feasting on dripped bbq sauce

A Beetle friend

Rock art by night

Rock art by night

Rock art by night

Final day at camp

A bit cooler today - little bit of overnight drizzle. Everything is nice and fresh in the mornings

Financed by AUSTAR

This camping adventure would not have been possible without the employment opportunity I have with Austar Communications (AUN)

Camp comes to and end

Still got hot coffee and cold refreshing water left

Final Local Map

McDonald's Lunch @ Ballina

Nothing beats a fresh sandwich from McDonald's on the way home. Fresh hot Cappucino and McChicken with Sweet n Sour sauce - Yum!