Freedom Rocks Camping Adventures VII

November 2003

Location: Sheep Station Creek, Border Ranges National Park - Northern New South Wales, AUSTRALIA

This is another first time camping location, In Easter of this year I camped at the top of the mountains at 'Forest Tops' this time I camped down by the creek located about 15 minutes drive or so down the road.  With summer just about to begin it was warm and sunny through the day with cool air at night which was great to enjoy by the fire and then sleep in the tent listening to the abundant wild life around.  This is the first camping adventure I was able to take a new camera along to, my Motorola A920.  I am still getting used to the camera to see what it can, and can't do - as you will see.  As always, practice makes perfect!  There are 6 shots mixed in taken with my original Kodak DC25.  There are a couple of video files also going to be made available of this Adventure once my PC upgrade is complete.

This Camping Adventure lasted 3 days and 2 nights.

Enjoy the journey through some photos I was able to take along the way, mostly in date order.

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It's mid morning, the roofs onm the traffic is light as we depart Gold Coast City on another Freedom Rocks Camping Adventure

Border Ranges National Park

We cross the border into New South Wales and have a quick check of the local map to ensure we know where we are going and of course plan a route of escape in the event of an emergency

Tent Setup

Time again to start setting up tent. It's now about 330 in the afternoon, only a couple of other campers around, not that you can see them.

Still going with the tent...

Welcome to my tent

All setup now, is anybody ready to rest yet? I don't think so, there is pleanty of time for rest - now it's time to explore!

Tent Setup Complete

But there is still some cleanup work to be done, that reminds me...what about the fire?

The fire can wait, we still have to tidy our mess

Firewood Gift

Hey - look over there, some kind person has left some firewood for us - saves a walk to the wood pile.

The fire has started

That was easy, just a quick shuffle of wood, throw in a fire lighter and away she burns

Picture Perfect

What a peacefull spot this turned out to be.

Sheepstation Creek really turned out to be a true bush camping experiance. I felt like the only one in the woods

We're not alone

The was a few mysterious campers around, you can't see them but you know where the vehicles are

Can you spot the Jeep?

Entrance off Main Road

What r u looking at?

Out and about getting some photos done

The tunnel of light

Day Two

Good Morning

Registration Time

Better late than never. Time to fill in those registration forms over a nice cup of hot tea

Lucky we have our Invisible Pen with us.

Getting more photos again

A small branch fell from the tree above, it will make a nice table decoration. Feels a little like home.

Camper van still around

Meet the neighborhood

A Resident HUGE goanna

Tree wildlife


Sprung once again, this time doing some on the fly editting of some video and photo files

Panorama View

Watch every step

You never know when your feet are about to destory a small piece of natures beauty

Other parts of natures beauty stands out a little more

Quiet moment of reflection

Over looking the camping area

Sheepstation Creek

Here's the creek, still suffering from the effects of the drought

Looking healthier here, i didn't make it in for a swim though

I was here - History

Behind the protection of a fence is some engravings in rocks - not too old, dates back to early - mid 1900's

And 1994

Treetops Camping Area

Location of a previous Freedom Rocks Camping Adventure

Lookout Stop

A quick stop near Forest Tops

Downhill to Sheepstation Creek

The Lookout

That's the back of Mount Warning behind me, the location of a future Freedom Rocks Camping Adventure

Same lookout looking south, I started to be attacked by a few big bush bees at this stage so our visit to this lookout was quite short

Back to the Jeep

Still with the old tyres that took us so far

The End

Well the camping trip came to an end on the following morning, the batteries in the camera went flat and at that time I had no car charger to keep them fresh. We arrived back home safely and on time the following afternoon.