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It is crucial to gain good positioning on search engines in order to reach new customers for little outlay. In order to get a good position in these search engines you'll need to optimise your <TITLE> and <META> tags. If you're new to all of this don't worry: we've already set up META tags and TITLE tags in the site templates. However, you may wish to change them for your site and this can be done using something as simple as Notepad. There isn't enough room here to go into how to code in HTML but it's a pretty simple language to understand once you have a look at the code. The code you need to change is at the top of the page and will look a little like this:

   <TITLE>Online Casino</TITLE>
   <META NAME="Keywords" CONTENT="casino,online casinos,gamble,roulette,slots">
   <META NAME="Description" CONTENT="Play now and win at Online Casino!">

The top line (inside the <title> tags) is what gets displayed on the title bar of your browser and also appears in the users favourites list.

Line 2 contains the keywords that some search engines look for when someone types in a search. Find relevant keywords (such as those typed above) and enter them one after the other, separating each with a comma. Some search engines say it's best to enter only 15 or so keywords yet a lot of websites list literally hundreds of words. The best advice we can give is stick to relevant keywords and don't overdo it.

The third and final line contains the actual description of the site. Keep it short and snappy, this is what will appear under your site name in many search engines.  Ensure that you also have relevant keywords in there too as some search engines use them for ranking purposes. Using the above example, your site would appear as follows in some search engines:

Online Casino
Play now and win at Online Casino!

For more information, visit:

Search Engine Optimisation
Submit your site to the all the top search engines-- international search engines as well as in your own community. E.g. You live in Brazil and have a Portuguese web site. You should submit your site to all the Brazilian search engines and directories. You have a web site in two different languages - English and Portuguese. You should submit your site to all Brazilian search engines (including portals) and of course to the top English search engines.

We offer the free service of submitting your Casino URL to over 800,000 search engines and free links sites, so avoid companies who charge you for this service.  Simply contact us at with your URL and we will get to it.  Unfortunately, this does not cover the "Pay" search engines, such as and

Search engine registration tips :

Pay per click Search engines
Pay per click searches are becoming more and more popular these days.  Sites such as and are providing results to the bigger search engines.  A pay per click search is one where the advertiser "bids" an amount on a particular keyword.  If their bid is the highest, then they go to the top of the results and every click on this result costs the bid amount.


Bob bids 50 cents for "internet casino", Richard bids 51 cents and Charlie bids 52 cents.  Charlie's listing would appear at the top, followed by Richard and Bob. Every time someone clicked on Charlie's listing, Charlie's account would be debited 52 cents.

This can be a source of good traffic and players to your casino.  There is no need to compete with the "Big Boys" - some keywords are going over $10!  If you stick to less used keywords, such as "internet gambling casino", you should be able to get near the top for a reasonable amount.

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