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Domain Name
Purchasing your domain name can help establish a reputable site. Also, choosing a domain name will brand your site and bring in visitors who are seeking specific information. For example, if your domain name is, you have started to brand your site. By the domain name alone, people know what your site is about. And, your visitors will likely have an interest in gambling.

Site suggestion for purchasing domain names:

Why just have one site to promote though? Why not purchase several domain names, promote them all and have them all directed toward one main casino site?

Advertise on Gambling Sites
There are hundreds of directory sites on the internet today, many of which allow you to advertise your casino on.  A lot of these sites, such as, will give you FREE listings in their directory.  To find these sites, simply go to your favourite search engine (eg. and enter something like "casino listings" or "casino directory".  It should come up with hundreds of sites.  Take a look through them and see where you can advertise!

It is worth advertising on many of these sites, even if they require you to pay.  If you get a high roller through the advert, it can make you thousands.

Suggested sites to submit to: &

Brand Your Site
- Create a logo for your site! This will create a brand identity for your site. E.g. McDonald's = big M
- Your URL address is your location so you should try to keep your URL short and precise.
- If you participate on a news forum where you can share valid information with others, don't forget to leave your signature (URL address and email) at the bottom

Icons, Logos, Graphics:

Mailing List
Why not offer visitors to your site the chance to join a regular mailing list? By having your visitors email addresses you can keep them in touch with updates regarding new promotions or simply jig their memory about your casino. We don't advocate SPAM though so be sure not to pester anyone with junk mail. Always offer mailing list subscribers the opportunity to unsubscribe at any time.

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