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FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol. FTP allows you to transfer files from your computer onto the Internet so everyone can see them. In order to do this you need an FTP program and the good news is that there's a lot to choose from on the web. One that we'd recommend is Cute FTP. FTP can be daunting at first but worry not as we'll walk you through each step!

Click here to go to the download page for Cute FTP

How do I FTP?
Good question. Each FTP program looks slightly different but, basically, they all have the same functions. When you open up the program you may be asked to open a new folder. Open one and name it appropriately ("Online Casino" or whatever). Now you'll need a note of the FTP settings that your web host has given to you. Enter these settings into the appropriate boxes in your FTP program.

Help Screenshot
The Dreamweaver FTP screen
The CuteFTP screen

Once you've entered all of the information required click on the OK or CONNECT button. You must be online now as your computer attempts to connect to the remote server in order for you to FTP your online casino. Once connected to the remote site, you should be faced with a screen split in two. On one side is your local folder (your hard drive) and on the other is the remote site. Use the drop-down menu on the Local Folder side to locate on your hard drive the folder containing your Online Casino (C:/Online Casino if you followed the guide in the unzipping page). Once you've done this the Local Folder side will be populated with all of the files that make up your casino. Select them all (including the images folder) and drag them into the remote site side of the screen.

All of your files will now be transferred onto the remote site which could take a short while. Once completed your website is now live on the net!

Still having trouble?  We can upload your site free of charge.  Simply email us your FTP login information and which design you require.


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