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Version 5.01

Welcome to the updated version 5 of It's been a long time coming and finally with the aid of an upgraded pc I can develop this site into something more special. If this is your first time to my site ensure you have a good look around to see what it's all about. In a nutshell, four years ago I realised that working a regular job, day in day out just wasn't for me. I wanted to experience more in life and not just keep my discoveries to myself but share them with the world. Funny thing is that four five six years later I am still working a j.o.b (just over broke) however I have realised that not always is the destination the most important aspect in life but the journey that gets you there. freedom4life is my journey, welcome aboard! Together lets Discover, Create, Enhance freedom 4 life!

Life Experiance Network Marketing

UPDATE 02/06/06
ACN is still going great for me :) It is going great for the Company and those living in New Zealand too as ACN New Zealand has launched. Pre-Launch went well, however I couldn't make it due to J.O.B duties. Here's a direct snip from an email, so friends, share in the excitement in New Zealand this year :)


ACN New Zealand Soft Launch date: This Wednesday!

For Australian & New Zealand Independent Representatives

Great news! The official soft launch date of ACN's toll calling services in New Zealand is Wednesday April 26th 2006 .

From this date, ACN New Zealand Independent Representatives will be able to sign up as ACN's first New Zealand customers!


It's a beautiful, actually perfect time to go see New Zealand so why not find the time :) If you are from another country, don't worry, you can check your country and join there also. From there you can tell your friends in the Land of the Long White cloud all about the savings and income for life opportunity. There's no other phone company in Australia I'd rather use, that's for sure! Find more information about this in the menu bar above, all the secret codes and access paths are provided. If you require more info, contact me direct :)

Best Wishes to all,

If you need last minute, quality or Budget Accommodation, why not use Our Local Booking service Powered by (new window)

I am sure you have heard about network marketing before as it has been around for many years. You may have even tried it before with with successes of failures the point is you have tried. Honestly I have tried 3 organisations in the last 5 years however I wasn't ready for the leap and life changing experiences that it provides and fell off the boats. Lots of various reasons that you can find out more about in my Live Journal. Network marketing scares a lot of people too however it shouldn't as it is a natural form of business and I bet you actually do it just about everyday. All network marketing is, is talking with other people about your experiences like what a great movie you saw on the weekend, how you enjoyed dinner at X restaurant before you went out, how you may not have enjoyed using a particular highway on the way. The list is endless and you would be shocked at how much you either promote good or bad, other people, businesses and products. The question I put to you is, Did the movie producer pay you? Did you get a discount at the restaurant for recommending it too your friends? I bet they didn't! With a little research and common sense anyone can find any industry that they have a passion for or simply need to use and if you enjoy the product or service and tell your friends, family, acquaintances about it, why not earn an extra income to cover the costs? It's a simple plan that just requires a positive outlook to create more freedom in your life.

DISCOVERING FREEDOM This freedom that I am talking about is multi-faceted, as everybody is different, we all have differing opinions of freedom. When you take charge of new areas in your life you can mold your own freedom whether it is financial freedom, health freedom, time freedom or just freedom to do what you want to do when you want to do it! That's my favourite! At my j.o.b I am often getting into trouble for expressing too much freedom, not everyday do we want to work, not everyday do we want to give 100%, we all have down days and at the same time we also have the super days where we are 'on fire' just bursting with enthusiasm, they're the days where you feel on top of the world! They are the days that really pay off when you get into network marketing because not only do you often get nice bonuses you also get a residual income generated so you do the work once and get paid for it over and over and over! It's a truly awesome way to live life. It's life where you remain in control.

For other people they are very happy with the job or career that they have and don't want to make their life Network Marketing and this is a good thing - they are happy with what they do. I am sure though, just like you and I they have bills that need to be paid and gifts to buy at birthday time for friends and family too. Wouldn't it be nice if you had a bank account that without too much effort would be topped up week in week out, an extra cash fund! Not your main income source, just a bonus income source. Just as each person is different so is every network marketing organisation. If you do a little research you'll find the perfect add on for your life - whatever you do, where ever you live! I'll let you in on a secret, the best organisations are the ones with similar (often better) products and services that you already use - every day! I just happen to know about one that I know you already use, because your reading this now - how about a Network Marketing Organisation, in 18 countries that provide fixed telephone calls, mobile calls, internet access and energy. Do you know anyone that use these services? Have you ever spoken to them about your experience using any or all of these? My experiences says you have. If you have ever thought about freedom via word of mouth - this information I am giving you today is the key! Just have a google search for Network Marketing or click here to find out more about ACN, freedom could be a click away!

60secondVideos A few years ago, when 3G and camera phones were new, I was one of the first on3 with a Motorola A920 camera/video phone, 60secondVideos started there, since then I have upgraded a little in quality to Nokia 3320 which has not only improved quality but length of video too.
Many of my videos are still unsorted unfilled and still to be published. Please enjoy these 60 second videos from my life's journey.

ShortCuts Coming Soon - What do you get when you connect many 60secondVideos? ShortCuts. frredom4life's shortCuts are snippets from my journey about the people the places the moments of feeling free to live a life of peace, contentment and love.

At this stage, I will have a selection provided for free download to keep an eye on bandwidth usage and if unreasonable, I may have to introduce download fees later to cover costs? :(

Australian Communications Network ACN launched in Australia just over 24 months ago launched in New Zealand April 26, 2006. Established Originally 1993.

ACN are providers of Telecommunications, Internet, Energy, Wireless / Mobile Services. By eliminating commercial advertising and marketing, cost savings are passed direct to customers not only via daily usage savings also via Residual Monthly Income to Independent Representatives. My Team ID is 7250001896

Elston Studios @ Freedom Farm :) Elston Studios is my creative place to display my photographic art online. The Studios in the real world can be anywhere I find the moment to capture the piece of beauty or moment in time.

As with the 60secondVideos and shortCuts, I have thousands to sort through from history that have not made it online yet as I have been busy adding to the collection and just getting through life. My photographs are taken at 7.1 megapixel with a Canon G6.

Earn Income To survive in this world of the 21st Century we must all earn an income to pay our way through life. I have discovered online ways to earn an income whether it's only a few cents for fun and learning or if it for something very serious you have to offer and are prepared to show dedication and persistence to make your dreams happen. See a selection of links from the top menu. Dream It * Believe It * Live It

Who Am I? Christian's Journey freedom4life originated back in 2001 as a public journey of the life of me, Christian Curtis on the road to freedom from slavery and multi-mega-globulous-greedy-corporations. Since then I discovered it's more than just where you work, it's who you serve, day in day out. Do I serve myself, others, no-one or just Serve my God keeping the Peace in my part of the world, my part of Heaven on Earth.

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