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Enhance Cyber Freedom - Earn FREE e-gold!

If you have been following the freedom4life - Create Cyber Freedom system, you should now have a range of effective traffic generators!  Now it's time to put them to good use and also earn some free gold (e-gold) to spend at any e-gold merchant or reinvest into advertising of your websites.  With the following sites you can earn gold if you read e-mail, click selected sites, or join advertised programs.  Refer your friends and earn great referral commission too - that's gold for doing nothing!
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Special Report 1:

Join all the following free e-gold sites below and start to earn gold today! Make sure you have an e-gold account before you continue - Open e-gold account.  Once you have joined, start advertising your discoveries and be rewarded with more gold!

Sites listed in date order I joined - still currently active (December 2004).


Quick Tip:

Surf your gold sites while chatting online to friends. Chat! Earn Gold!



No Minimum Payout

3 Referral Levels, 25%, 15%, and 10%

Get Paid to Click, Read Emails, and Signup!

Earn from .25 cents per click

Spend your earnings on local Bubble Game

Earn 120%

I've been paid three times with Quicker Clickers and still have about 80 cents currently in the bubble game - time and time again earning 120%

  •  Get Paid To Read Email
    All emails worth 1/2 cent or more
  •  Get Paid to Click
    All PTC's worth 1/2 cent or more
  •  Huge Paid to Sign Up Section
    Each Sign Up is worth 25 Cents!
  •  3 Membership Upgrade Options
    Heavenly Path $10 | Heavenly Journey $20 | Heavenly Gate $30
  •  $10 Payout - Via PayPal or StormPay
    Heavenly Path $8 | Heavenly Journey $4 | Heavenly Gate $0
  •  2 Referral Levels
    Level 1 - 30%    Level 2 - 20%
  •  NO Searches! - NO Point Emails!
  •  Most International Members Welcome!
    You MUST Read and Understand English!

Highest paying click to surf program listed on this page

Lot's of Bonus random bonus cash!

I've been paid a random bonus of $1 just before Christmas 2003 - Directly into my PayPal account! I have been paid 4 times now and redemed many banner views and e-mails - I give FIVE STARS to heavenly Emails!



Dig for Gold is Great fun!

By selecting a spot on the map you can find flakes of e-gold, banner views or text links, bonus flakes or a booby prize like fools gold - More flakes than anything else! If your into Paid to Clicks - Dig for Gold is a must - it's different!
There are four levels of membership - it starts out as free membership - the higher you are the more bonuses available!
Over 5,500 active members can't be wrong!
Mine Advertising
How will mine advertising benefit you?

It is a unique and interesting way of advertising!! Mine advertising gives the user a challenge of digging for gold. To get credit for each dig and uncover their treasure they first need to view your treasure!

The results are pure Gold!

Go ahead open an account, hide your treasure and let our avid miners find it.
1000 page views : 0.1395 grams of gold : 2.0138 USD : 0.002014 USD per page

Billabong-Buxx is an Australian Paid to Click club that I joined in October 2004.  They send regular emails and have a steady income stream.
Once you have a few paid to clicks running you should have a tool to help you monitor what's working and what's not - the solution is a simple program.

 The Paid Help


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Last Updated: December 08, 2004

The above random banner is part of AZAds - Each time it is shown I get 1 of my banners shown too - somewhere in the world on someone's page :)