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Glass House Mountains, 2007
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On the first of Spring 2005, Freedom Farm became Real. I moved into 12x6 Converted shed set on 2.5 acres of Native and introduced Flora and Fauna. Freedom Farm Foundations had been set with the World as a Stage watching. Discover where on Earth it is at: and in October 2007 | Global Carbon Trading was established to give purpose to Freedom Farm. That purpose, as it has always been, just clearer now, is green electricity generation fom wind turbines as well as mass tree planting for future generations to breathe easier. Coal and Nuclear power generation must reduce in production, I want to set an example of what can be done, in our own back yard.

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Freedom Farm 360 Virtual Tours
1st July 2006

Freedom Farm by night 360 Virtual Tour
1st July 2006

Additional funds required
Additional funds required


Freedom Farm was first established September 1st, 2005 with growth a need and opportunity has arisen to increase our Farm and Gardens to include Eco-Friendly Cabins, Campsites and Motor Home Parks, this opportunity has now passed. Still we have a private sanctuary - Return of The King Sanctuary - a place to stay for the Kings Return and remembrance. To Complete my dream please consider a donation via Paypal or Credit Card using Paypal.

Christian Curtis
Creator of and and
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A $ 880,000 300,000
US $ 673,480.87
EU $ 527,584.53


A $ 44.4043
US $ 33.96
EU $ 26.5968

At 31st July 2006

Current fund raising effort is to purchase Land Title and establish Live high speed Internet Connection.

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Target time frame to raise funds is 30 August 2006 openly continuous..
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Freedom Farm, once a high and wild dream is becoming a thriving fresh garden nestled amongst some of Australia's oldest Tourist Destinations!





Monday, April 16, 2007
A year and a half of living at Freedom Farm has passed as my and house mate's dreams of new fresh gardens are coming to completion of their installation with maintenance only insight for the next few months the fruits of our labours have become a feast for the eyes and nose with Aussie Natives releasing their Autumn essences to sooth, to heal and to renew body, mind and spirit.

BromiladeBankisaLooking East South East  over Old Gympie Road onto Mount Tibrogargon in the distance - All newly renovated garden with Sugar Cane mulching.Originally a 50 cent AU creaper vine we purchased when the Garden renovation first began Once established this once blacken tree will become a carpet of green and purple reaching for the heavens
Freedom Farm Brom - North garden one.South Gardens two and three recently mulched using Sugarcane. See a video of the delivery and completion of the garden On this site. Christian, caretaker and creationist of Freedom Farm. April 2007.
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Freedom Farm(1) Ownership.
Freedom Farm Growth


Freedom Farm Dream v1.1 @ Topaz (PASSED BY 1999/2000)

Livable wilderness property

Has creek, mostly rainforest with an American style barn, walking tracks into the valley, excellent views , very private, site leveled for future home. Make an offer! Asking price $96'500 The price is negotiable Ref: L858

Big livable barn (approved as a shed) septic, gas hot water, stove, oven & lights, steel & colour bond construction also roller door & lining, big bedroom loft

49 Ha 121 Acre

Improvements to Property: Plan and build house using wood found on property.  Cathedral ceilings, wooden floors etc.

Plant fruit trees and vegetable and flora farm.  Personal use and sell at market (Primary Producer Tax Benefits) Build Solar farm to provide Electricity for personal and later resale into grid use (Govt Subsidised up to $15'000. approximately 100%) Renovate Barn to make more livable while house is being completed.  Excellent Volcanic Red Soil. Tea Growing region. 5 - 10 year plan.

Investment Value.

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