"Seed of Faith Pendant"



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  •  Genuine Mustard Seed

  • Enclosed in a handcrafted glass teardrop

  • All individually handmade

  • Gold or Silver cap*

  •  Presented in a black velvet pouch


$25plus P+H

Australian Dollars (1US$=about A$0.76 .91)

We are in the process of considering another production run, we require a minimum start up order of 50 Pendants, If you are intested in a special price for these 50 pendants, ready to on sell, please Contact Us.


 Suitable to be worn on a necklace or bracelet or can be carried in a pocket or bag if kept in pouch.

Hello Mum, I Love you!

In these troubled times it becomes so easy to loose faith, faith in ourselves - faith in our friends - faith in our God.  It only requires the tiniest amount of faith to know all things are in good hands and will work together for good.  The Seed of Faith pendant, with it's enclosed seed reminds us of this as the actual mustard seed is one of the smallest seeds there are.  The moment we rediscover the size we are reminded that the tiniest amount of faith is better than no faith at all.  The moment in which we then reconnect to faith anything does in fact appear possible - in fact is possible.  In the moment we forget faith we loose all hope and the possible becomes impossible.

 A long time ago a King (Pharaoh) in Egypt looked at a mountain of rock and said to his council - "I want to move that mountain of rock and place it over there as a new mountain of rock".  Only with faith and many thousands of man hours we now still have that moved mountain that we know as the Great Pyramid of Giza.  We now know that it wasn't forced upon the people to perform this task, they were not slaves - It was with pride in their King, their land and Faith in the outcome that they completed this monumental task.  The King of course had much faith that his people would accomplish this - in his lifetime!  What monumental task can you perform if you have just the Faith of a Mustard Seed? How do you remind yourself - your family and your friends to keep the Faith? 

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Since the Launch of our Seed project it has come to our awareness that even in 1953 a Man Named Norman Vincent Peale had recently discovered the hidden power contained in faith.  For his book, 'Power of Positive Thinking' I quote the following from page 180:

"I read the Bible for years before it ever dawned on me that it was trying to tell me that if I would have faith-and really have it-that I could overcome all my difficulties, meet every situation, rise above every defeat, and solve all of the perplexing problems of my life.  The day that realisation dawned on me was one of the greatest, if not the greatest, of my life.  Undoubtedly many people will read this book who have never got the faith idea of living.  But I hope you will get it now, for the faith technique is without question one of the most powerful truths in the world having to do with the successful conduct of human life.

    Throughout the Bible the truth is emphasised again and again that "if ye have faith as a grain of mustard seed . . . nothing shall be impossible unto you." (Matthew xvii. 20.)  The Bible means this absolutely, factually, completely and literally.  It isn't an illusion, it isn't a fantasy.  It is not an illustration, nor a symbol, nor a metaphor, but absolute fact-'Faith, even as a grain of mustard seed', will solve your problems, any of your problems, all of your problems, if you believe it and practise it.  "According to your faith, be it unto you." (Matthew ix.29)  The requirement is faith, and directly in proportion to the faith that you have and use you will get results.  Little faith gives you little results, medium faith gives you medium results, great faith gives you great results.  But in the generosity of Almighty God, it you have only the faith symbolised by a grain of mustard seed, it will do amazing things in solving your problems."


On the following pages, to my surprise, was a story about a man and lady, Maurice and Mary Alice Flint.  They both were very negative people who held a lot of resentment for others and would actually lie in bed at night telling each other what they would like to say to other people by way of insult.  After reading about this faith concept that started to practice it and gradually increase their practise of faith.


One morning he went into the kitchen where his wife was washing plates.  He said: "The faith idea is comparatively easy on Sunday in church, but I can't hold it.  It fades.  I was thinking that if I could carry a mustard seed in my pocket, I could feel it when I begin to weaken and that would help me have faith."  he then asked his wife: "Do we have any of those mustard seeds, or are they just something mentioned in the Bible?  Are there mustards seeds today?"

    She laughed and said: "I have some right here in a pickle-jar."  She fished one out and gave it to him.  "Don't you know, Maurice," Mary Alice said, "that you don't need an actual mustard seed.  That is only the symbol of an idea."

    "I don't know about that," he replied.  "It says mustard seed in the Bible and that's what I want.  Maybe I need the symbol to get faith."

    He looked at in in the palm of his hand and said wonderingly: "Is that all the faith I need-just a small amount like this tiny grain of mustard seed?"  He held it for a while and then put it in his pocket, saying: "If I can just get my fingers on that during the day, it will keep me working on this faith idea."


Of course with the seed being so small he would loose it all the time and keep having to go back to the pickle-jar for more.  Eventually after searching very hard for a manufacturer he created the original "Flint Mustard Seed Remembarancer".  Amazingly one of our first customers to purchase one of our Seeds of Faith had an original and has been looking in many countries for many years for anything similar.  Finally she found us.  We also went through a similar story to the Flints in trying to find someone to make ours.  It shows that God will repeat history if need be to remind us of a simple thing called Faith.  The Flints Seed ended up going to throughout the Country in departments stores in a sphere of plastic in several pieces of costume jewellery: necklace, bow-pin, key chain and bracelet.

Finally re-available now exclusively here on the Internet or via Phone/Mail order in Australia is the 'freedom4life - Seed of Faith Pendant'  Our first run is now almost sold out, second run is in production.  At only $25 Australian plus postage there's no better time to boost your faith.




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