777 - The time is NOW!

Take a look around, see any number combinations popping up? Is it the final prelude to the Mark of the Beast. The beast will be marked with a number, it's number will be 666.

Victory is our's to those who believe that He is King of Kings and Lord of Lords, he who has died for us, continually fights for us and soon will be with us! He who has DEFEATED the beast already, we must now just watch it unfold before our eyes. It began a long time ago, in the not to distant end of century, the world was ready to party or in FEAR to fall apart at the seams when all things computer powered stopped not, that came later with entire cities Networked together by a Uni-Grid of power distribution - Nations Networked, Power in Hands of Few.

Listen to words like " Bio-Metric " Doesn't it just sound freaky enough. Refuse the Chip, bar-coding,18 Digit+ Number, DNA ID. The forehead or wrist/hand/arm.

What you see is What you get SEE 777 - SEE HIS RETURN! DAILY IN YOU!

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