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Let It Ride Poker

Game Objective

  Let It Ride Poker is played between you and the machine. The objective is to obtain the highest poker hand (containing at least a pair of tens) while keeping the maximum bet on the table.

  A player begins each hand by placing an ante on the table, which consists of three identical bets with an option of making an additional $1 bet in order to qualify for a bonus. Five cards are dealt in total. The first three cards are dealt to the player (face up) and the next two cards are placed in front of the dealer (facedown).

  At this time, the player may choose to withdraw the first bet (Bet Back) or keep it on the table (Let It Ride). The dealer then turns over the fourth card and the player must decide whether to Let It Ride or to Bet Back the second bet after which the dealer finally turns over the fifth card and the hand is scored.

  The player wins if the player's hand qualifies with at least a pair of tens, the payoff is determined by the quality of the hand (See payoff table below). Players can win a bonus on top of their payouts if they place the additional $1 bet by drawing one of the following hands: Royal Flush, Straight Flush, Four of a Kind, Full House, Flush, or a Straight. (See Payoff Table Below).

How To Play

  • Your chips are stacked in denominations of $1, $5, $10, $25 and $100 at the rim of the table.
  • Select the amount you want to wager on a given hand by clicking the left mouse button on the chip of that denomination. Likewise, you can decrease the amount wagered by right clicking the mouse on the chip of that denomination.
  • Once the player has chosen an amount he would like to wager, the amount is divided into three equal piles and placed on the Let It Ride table, e.g., on choosing $5, three bets of $5 each will be placed on the 3 positions. Now you have $15 in action, however only $5 is at risk, as you will see. The player may also choose to place a bonus $1 bet by clicking on the BONUS circle to qualify for a bonus. The total bet of the player including the bonus bet is displayed on the lower left corner of the screen under the heading 'Total Bet'.
  • Click the 'DEAL' button. The player is dealt three cards face up and the Dealer two cards face down. One standard deck of 52 cards is used to deal the cards.
  • After the player receives his 3 cards, he must decide whether to Let It Ride or Bet Back. If the player clicks the 'Bet Back', one bet will be pulled from the table back to the player's hand. When this happens, the bet he has placed under 'Bet 3' circle is returned to him. However, if the player is confident of making a winning hand based on the payoff table below, he can click the Let It Ride button, in which case all three bets he has placed remain.
  • The first dealer card is then turned face up and revealed. The player must again make a decision whether to 'Let It Ride' or 'Bet Back' based on the four cards he has face up on the table. As earlier, the amount placed under Bet 2 circle is returned to the player or remains depending on whether he clicks 'Bet Back' or 'Let It Ride' respectively.
  • Once one of the above options has been selected, the dealer's second and final card will be turned face up and revealed. This completes the player's hand and he is paid according to the Paytable. The winnings are doubled if the Player allows his second bet to ride, and tripled if he allows all three bets to ride. The win amount is displayed on the left hand bottom corner of the screen under the heading 'Last Win' and the balance of the player is updated. In addition, if he has placed the $1 bonus bet, he is paid according to the Bonus Paytable.

Payoff Table

  Payoff Bonus Payout $
Royal flush 1000 To 1 20000
Straight flush 200 To 1 1000
Four of a kind 50 To 1 300
Full house 11 To 1 150
Flush 8 To 1 50
Straight 5 To 1 25
Three of a kind 3 To 1  
Two pair 2 To 1  
Pair of 10s or better 1 To 1  

Betting Limits

  • Minimum Bet: $1
  • Bonus Bet: $1
  • Maximum Bet: $100 (including bonus bet)

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