The year is 1770. We join Captain James Cook and botanist Joseph Banks as they sail on their Voyage of Discovery along the Mid North Coast of New South Wales.

Joseph had noticed over the past few days the many fires burning in the bush.  The Captain was heading this way so Joseph approached, "Captain, there is an unusual odour coming from the natives, what possibly could they be burning, I suggest we launch an away team in the morn to investigate."  "Great thinking Banks!" the Captain responded.  "We go ashore one hour after breakfast", the Captain pronounced boldly and continued to the gallery.

An hour after breakfast passes and the Captain with an away team, leave the Endeavour to investigate the Natives.  As they arrive ashore they notice the natives have been swimming in what looks like a swamp or billabong.  The odour is from the water itself.  Joseph had already began making notes - The trees were a paper bark type tree, black from recent fires and white in places from new bark.  Joseph took samples from this common tree lining the billabong. "The strange odour is coming from these native trees, I have never smelt anything like this, I will collect samples and might even make a pot of tea with the leaves."

The Captain noticed how healthy the natives looked  and  suggested to Joseph that the waters could have healing properties and suggested the crew have a swim.  Immediately they knew they have found something very special.