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Aimee's Story

Welcome, I'm Aimee a 26 year old wife, mother of two - surviving... just!

Ethan, Aimee and Alexis need your financial assistanceMy story is a tale about principles, priorities, family and trying to financially survive and succeed.  I am not a 'special case' but a woman willing to speak out and ask for help.

What sort of help do you ask? Just $1 from you, the people.  Why? Because I'm trying to secure a future for my children, take the pressure off my husband and I enabling the parenting and marital journey to focus n the right areas.  Respect, communication, love, trust. I think back over the past three years and every disagreement Ben (my husband) and I get into always comes back to money :( Creating tension in the household changing the mood of everyone. Come on, I know you've been there too.  I also know you're thinking with prior planning before babies we wouldn't be in this mess.  Your Right! We take full responsibility.  No excuses.  Unfortunately I've learnt the hard way.  Can't turn back the clock now.Please help support Alexis

So why then ask for $1?  Every dollar helps.  My husband works full time in a job he's been in for ten years, the same place where I worked - That's how we met.  I worked full time through-out my first pregnancy.  Then went back when Alexis was 3 months old.  For twelve months Ben and I tried to keep out family strong and alive, however working opposite shifts the life we always knew started falling apart.  We knew something had to give.  So I worked part-time, still not leaving much family time.

Shortly after baby number two was on the way, Alexis had a febrile convulsion (a seizure caused due to high temperature).  She turned blue, stopped breathing and went limp.  I thought she had died.  Not until the paramedics arrived and told me it was very common among young children.  Although quite common and not too serious I've never recovered.  It was sitting in that hospital that made me decide that my family was the most important thing in my life and financially we'd have to work something else out.  So I took early maternity leave (unpaid) and twelve months later resigned.  Knowing in my heart and seeing in my children's development we had made the right decision.  Ethan my son is now 18 months old.  We live week to week, dollar to dollar.

Ethan needs your support and help tooApplying to all the institutions for a home loan, without a deposit or the means to comfortably repay I understand why we are a high risk.  I guess we are fighting for the old values.  you know a one income family, Dad works, Mum cares for the husband, children, home education - with dad's input of course. Every family has different needs. So I'm not saying my way is the right way to raise a family.  Just right for us.

My first special request and desire is to clear our debt that we have blown out!  Please help our first special appeal to clear our credit card #1 - $1'500!

I invite all feedback and correspondence from you the reader.

Thank-you and best wishes,

Aimee, Ben, Alexis and Ethan!

Last Updated Thursday May 27, 2004

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