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freedom4life.com was established on the Internet in 2001. My name is Christian and I am your guide and narrator on this journey through life to achieve spiritual, physical and mental freedom! Presenting new and exciting products, services and experiences to lead you to succeed!

About Christian

Hello again, this is / was me in mid 2002, a twenty-something young man, living in the beachside City of Gold Coast. In mid 1995, while working a midnight graveyard shift at Jupiter's Casino I was told for the first time about this new technology coming called the Internet. . . the what? As we know, Windows 95 arrived not long after that and the Internet has gone from strength to strength with an amazingly strong future ahead of it. The way I foresee the Internet going is to be the world's strongest marketing and word of mouth technology since the printing press was invented to spread the word of the Bible (Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth). The Internet will make these instructions reality - more about this another time. For now, know that I have established myself on the net because from that first day I discovered a desire to "Be Famous" - more important than fame though is to "Be Free!" This is my 4th website I have created and this one will be the beauty that has been in design now for 7 years. I hope you enjoy what you see.

About Melaleuca

Melaleuca, The Wellness Company is an international manufacturer of unique - health promoting products. Our company was founded in 1985, and our name is taken from Melaleuca Alternifolia, an Australian tree commonly known as the "tea tree" that produces a naturally powerful essential oil. This oil is used in many of Melaleuca's health care, pharmaceutical, personal care, and home care products. Since our founding, we also have developed many other products using natural alternatives to grocery store brands, which help consumers live healthier lives. Our exceptional line of health - oriented products has enabled us to grow rapidly and be recognised as a leader in the wellness industry. Corporate headquarters are in Idaho Falls, Idaho, USA, yet out influence extends around the world. Melaleuca's Mission: Our mission is to "Enhance the lives of those we touch," and we strive to do this through our unique products. We love to help families succeed, so we use the ease of catalog shopping and word-of-mouth marketing to share wellness ideas with our friends. We call this Consumer Direct Marketing- you get products delivered to you, direct from the manufacturer, at wholesale prices, without the added costs of advertising and middleman distribution.

The future @ freedom4life.com

What I do know and can talk about regarding the future of freedom4life.com is more pictures, audio and video. More training tools and tips for getting more out of life and enhancing your 'word-of-mouth' business. Christian's life travels and experiences will become more and more of a feature of the site with live web cams, on the road updates and short films. We will have an expanded line up of regulars and guests involved with the developing story, "Quest for Freedom". Christian's first interactive multimedia presentation (short film) called, "I am Christian" is coming late this Spring (AU).

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